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Thank You Blue Man Group & Their Amazing Fans!!!


23 days, 17 shows, 8 piece band, and 3 blue men.  This was 1 amazing tour experience!



  • Jeff Burns says:

    And thank you for adding so much to the show… An amazing experience from open to close. You were great in Oshawa…

  • Hans says:

    Always sucks to see something great like this come to an end.
    Still hope you guys will do the same in Europe again.


  • Mary says:

    It was a great experience watching you do what you are known for. You brought a new light of art to my eyes. Keep up the great work.

  • Greg Kuntz says:

    David: I was just at the last show and you were amazing! Cant begin to tell you just how talented I think you are. I really enjoyed what you did. I was three rows back and the experience you gave everyone was fantastic. I will definately be looking for a few of your pieces.

  • Jenna Jay says:

    Your performance was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like that before, super impressive and definitely added to the show!

  • Richard Pigeau says:

    It was the best, keep up the GOOD WORK……

  • Tracey and family says:

    Thanks so much for a great performance last night – what a great birthday present for me – 40 today!!!

  • Melissa says:

    Hey! We were there last night too! We brought the kids (7&5) and they kept turning to us saying “he’s soooo good!” Great work! If we could have bought the blue man one we would have…

  • Carol St. Pierre says:

    Saw you at the Sarnia show.. you are an amazing artist, very talented!! Thank you!!!

  • Erynne Cameron says:

    You were amazing in Sarnia, I was just in awe with how talented you are!!!!!
    Thanks so much!!!!

  • Chad McKee says:

    I was at the last show in Kitchener. I had seen your videos on YouTube, and was pumped when you came out. Excellent show. Thank you.

  • Tyler says:


    Never seen anything like your performance on Saturday night! A furious controlled rhythmic surprise. Thank you so much for that experience!

  • Tony O'Neill says:

    Awesome!! You are truly amazing. Thank you for coming to Kitchener on Saturday, the 24th. My partner and I were at the show for our birthday’s. My 42nd
    and her 30 something….we had the kids with us (all around 7 years old) and some friends. Everyone thought you were fantastic. Hope you make it back here soon. I’m going to tell everyone about you in my blog.

  • Michael Truong says:

    Great work man, keep it up and hope you may in bright talent…LoL
    love and Passions!!!

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