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Theory of Imagination NFT Auction

Let’s Make Art History

“Theory of Imagination” is a historic milestone in my creative evolution.

18 years ago I began a journey to create portraits as a live performance, and the Einstein inspired portrait has been gauge of that growth.

Universally this portrait has always been created to engage a live audience as a conduit for an inspiring experience.

It’s fitting that we would release the creation of this painting, as a video, in the form of an NFT (Non Fungible Token).

NFT’s are giving not only artists, but collectors, an early entry to this groundbreaking road of collecting digital creations.

The process of how I create is the true art, and NFT’s opens the door for collectors to own experiences rather than just objects.

“Theory of Imagination” NFT Auction Info:

Reserve:  1.5 ETH ($3530.85 USD)
Start of Auction: Once reserve is met it triggers the 24 hour auction.
Top bidder wins:  1/1 NFT, Original Painting, and Full 3 Minute Video Only Available To Owner


This will be my first 1/1 NFT  and the first of it’s kind in this growing space.

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One Comment

  • Claire Hitomi says:

    When are you going to have another live show? I first saw you in Roseville on the top of a building…… was great fun!

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