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This feels like being a part of history!

I’ve been out with KISS on their final “End Of The Road” tour for over a week now, and each night gets more special.  I get to see lifelong and new fans come together for one last time.  It’s a celebration.

I kick things off each night with an opening  30 minute set of 2 rock icons and of course the “KISSTORY” painting.

Below is some info about the current set up paintings available from each night.  I’ll be changing it up as the tour continues so these will be very limited in availability.

Freddie Mercury: 5′ x 6′ / Latex on Canvas

Jimi Hendrix: 5′ x 6′ / Latex on Canvas

Paintings are hand signed with date, location, and a certificate of authenticity is provided.

For availability and pricing contact


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