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Tupac Painting Up Close Pics


If you don’t already know, I create a wide range of subjects and portraits on stage.  Most of the time it ALWAYS has something to do with my message that I want to convey on stage.  The portraits help me do that.  They are a gateway to the get that message across.

The other day I was performing for a group in Modesto, CA of at risk teens.  My set included Rihanna, Tupac (pictured above), Obama, and Einstein.  Each one represented a part of mine and there journey.  I have not painted Tupac in a very long time but I felt it was fitting for the day.  It definitely went over very well with the audience.

I wanted to share with you what you can’t see from far away at my shows, the true color and detail from every brush stroke and splattered paint.  Everything is purposeful.  This is my favorite part of the painting.

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