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Visualizing A Villain With Disney

Visualizing A Villain With Disney

Where do I even begin? ???? Disney is releasing The Lion King on Blue Ray next week, and we filmed this project which is one of the special features on it. There is a link in my bio to watch the full video.
It’s my interpretation of a scene where Scar is getting the Hyena’s prepared to take out the king. More importantly is this was an evolution of my dream.
I’ve always wanted to push the limits of my art form. I always wanted to bring it to new audiences around the world by innovating the experience of performance painting. Even more important than that, everyday is an opportunity to inspire someone else’s dream.
Be unconventional, disruptive, ask how something can be done better, take risks, make mistakes, and don’t ever stop growing. If you have a dream, do all the work above and beyond to bring it to life! It’s as real as you want to work for it….. BE PREPARED! ???? -DG

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  • Craig Tilley says:

    Amazing! You impress me every single time and this one reaches beyond You’re such an inspiration to all of us artist trying to make a difference As a visually impaired artist, I have my roblox but you help me maintain my focus and continue pushing forward

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