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What Do You Call A Blue Man Groupie?


In Winnipeg last week I met one after the show.  I think they call them Bloupies!  That rocks!


  • Dianne Clarridge says:

    i just got home from the Sudbury Blue Man Group concert. I is soooo right that you open the show for them. They are not the normal concert group and you….well, you are unique! Awwsome paintings!!!!!

  • shandi golden says:

    saw you and the blue man group last night in sudbury ontario. i cannot get over what i saw from both. im in complete awe!!!

  • Mitchell Holtzhauer says:

    dude i saw at the barrie concert you were freaking amzing i think blue man should open for you

  • Nancy says:

    Absolutely talented from every finger tip………the world needs to see more of you……………loved every second

  • Geoff Buchanan says:

    Just got home from the sarnia show. you are fantastic and the blueman group was awesome as per usual. that was time number three for me

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