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Where Do I Sign? // The Modern Airplane Experience


via coolhunter

They call it “Curated In Flight”, but you should really call it “It’s About Time”.  From my knowledge The Cool Hunter (TCH) is taking it upon themselves to start designing the inflight experience for the traveler who would not only pay, but appreciate a one of a kind experience.  Right now it’s just a dream, but I am hoping this actually becomes a reality.  Airlines, start taking note, TCH has got some great ideas for you.


Taking cues from cool architecture, leading-edge design and the vibes we see ahead of, and outside of, trends.  Absolutely everything— from the on-board entertainment, furnishings and decor, to exclusive on-board shopping — will be curated by TCH. Rather than being mundane, boring and almost same as all other airlines, the TCH-curated in-flight experience will be really something worth talking about. Each flight will be different, each experience more surprising and exquisite. Airliners who want to ad value to their inflight experience, can contact or


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