Why Am I On Tour With Kiss?

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Why Am I On Tour With Kiss?

Why am I on tour with Kiss?

On a personal side I have always gained more in my career from giving. That mind set has created more opportunities than talent alone ever could.

From setting my first charitable goal raising over $1 million before I was 30, to now raising over $5 million to date.

I’ve always wanted to be the best at what I do. But not at the cost of not giving back.

We are in the middle of this 44 date North American tour, and it’s more than just about rocking out every night.

We will be giving back each night in a huge way. -DG

Info about charities who are benefiting visit


  • Tammy Turpin says:

    You are an amazing talent. I was at the kiss concert in Chicago and was in total awe! I am definitely a fan for life!

  • Harvey Klooz says:

    You ROCKED Cleveland on 3/17
    I so enjoyed watching you create and enjoyed watching you have such a Great time doing it!! You’re INCREDABLE!!

  • John Connell says:

    David, I saw you in Cleveland and I was amazed. I’ve seen KISS 16 times and will see them 3 more times on this tour (Pittsburgh, Toronto, Darien Center/Buffalo). You were the best opening act by far.
    I hope that you will be at the Darien Center/ Buffalo show and I want to buy your painting of KISS with Buffalo underneath.
    Will you be there?

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