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World Of Dance Live | Garibaldi Travel Vlog

World Of Dance Live | Garibaldi Travel Vlog

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, and some other stuff, and thank you, some more stuff, and thank you again.  Oh and somewhere in there I think I bought a museum.  Officially the first Art Life Vlog!


  • Kurt Zwierlein says:

    I love the fact that you are more than happy to stay in touch with your roots and give credit to the friends that have inspired and helped you along the way to this point. Thanks for the inspiration and pleasure of watching you do what you do, and maybe 1 day I’m hoping I will be able to host a performance and get 1 of your works of ART! Kurt

  • Cynthia Barrows says:

    This was so interesting to learn and meet the people who helped to inspire you into doing what you do so well “dance painting” or “paint dancing” preformances. I love what you do and treasure every chance I get to experience more from you. Your favorite fan Cynthia Barrows.

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